BROOD Ambassador Membership

Calling all hounds and wannabe hounds, too! You can join BROOD just like your human! Become a BROOD Ambassador for 2021 and help us find homes for hounds just like you.

For only $20 a year, you can become a BROOD Ambassador member. For supporting BROOD, your human will receive a colorful Basset car magnet.

You will receive a special BROOD Ambassador membership card showing your support of BROOD and our rescue work.

The Ambassador membership is a non-voting membership in BROOD. Your name will be listed on the BROOD website and you can proudly tell the other dogs at the dog park that you are a BROOD member and support basset hound rescue!

Get your human to sign you up now!

2021 BROOD Ambassadors

Luna Mae Conner

Ephaniah Baumann Conrad

Abby Reynolds

Rufus Bent

Chauncey Salmon

Happy Lewis

Gus Williams

Jake Williams

Molly Williams

Otis Williams

Sophie Mae Yee

Avon Shaughnessy

Max Williams

Murphy Burkey

Rupert Cornelius Drayton

Copper Aurora Drayton

Henry Augustus Drayton (in memoriam)

Radar Erlichman

Leo Erlichman

Brooke Erlichman

Annabelle Smith

Benny Smith

Jelly Smith

Odie Blaya

Opie Omberg

KitKat Alosa

Leon Alosa

Penny Alosa

Jethro Helton

Molly Piper

Opey Fink

Penny Galvez

Toby Galvez

Freddie Salmon

Copper Mills

Flash Mills

Miami Hazel Lee

Coco Jakubowski

Hershey Jakubowski

Lola Harm

Lexi Harm (In Memorium)

George Eliot "Ellie"

Whitman Ford

Isaac Crosby

Ozzie Crosby

Camille Blom

Willis Lyngaas

Archer Jamison

Winston & Bobo

Rhett Butler

Lucy Southerland

David Jones

Pippa and Alexander Sesek

Mr. Speckles

Junebug Edward

Eloise Charlotte Fleming

Buck Henry Showalter (in memoriam)

Maggie Stern

Zoey Stern

Truman Bilson

Rosie Brooks

Cobe Bowers

Dublin Ryan