Auction/Raffle Donations

Donations for BROOD Auctions and Raffles

BROOD holds several auctions and raffles each year. We gratefully accept donations of items subject to the following guidelines. Donations of new, almost new or vintage items in excellent condition that are Basset hound or dog related are accepted. Some examples of items accepted include figurines, artwork, kitchen and drinkware items, jewelry, pillows, towels, purses– subject to the limitations listed below.

We do not accept the following:

  • Used clothing (shirts, coats, etc.)
  • Personalized items (names of dogs, people or organizations other than BROOD)
  • Books about dog breeds or dog training
  • Broken or chipped items
  • Items from other rescues (shirts, awards, etc.)
  • Items not basset or dog related
  • Old calendars
  • Used dog beds, dog clothing, leashes and collars
  • Beanie babies

Please email us at if you have items to donate. We have limited ability to pick-up items, and most will need to be mailed to us. We will contact you with further information.