BROOD Fostering Information

About Fostering for BROOD

BROOD needs foster homes.  As a foster parent, you commit to provide a loving transitional home for a rescued hound.  You will provide food, a structured and safe environment, tend to the foster’s needs (both physical and emotional) and treat them as if they were your own.

Fostering is the most rewarding and heartbreaking job in rescue.

Rewarding because you will get to experience the transformation of your foster from a sad, lonely and confused dog into a happy healthy loving pet.  You will share the joy in knowing you played a crucial role in helping them find a new forever family.

Heartbreaking because you watched your foster blossom into a vibrant and completely different dog only to turn them over to a forever family.  Often fosters shed many tears on adoption day. The thing to remember as a foster parent you gave your foster dog a chance at a new and exciting life.

BROOD provides all veterinary care and any ongoing veterinary care your foster may require.  In return, we ask you to provide a home, food and love.  We ask you submit bi-monthly foster reports detailing the progress of your foster so BROOD can match them to a good adoptive home.  We will need good photos and a short video to be updated as your foster blossoms.

When foster homes are not available, BROOD boards dogs at kennels and vet clinics at a cost of $20 or more per day.  While our kennel and vet clinics are wonderful, they lack the home environment needed to evaluate the dogs.  A gift of your time and home by becoming a foster parent is just as important as making a donation, and will provide these dogs with the love they need while waiting for their forever homes.

Fostering Resources

If you are interested in fostering or if you are currently fostering, there are several forms you will need:

Fostering Questions

What kind of facility is required?

If you share your life with a basset now, chances are that your home is fine. A fenced yard, fresh water, food and a warm bed are the basics.

How much notice will I have?

Normally one to two weeks but in some cases a few days.

What will I be responsible for?

Providing a safe, loving environment, exercise, food and fresh water. We also rely on foster homes to provide a foster report of the dog's behavior and attitude, to keep an eye out for and report problems.

What will BROOD be responsible for?

BROOD will take care of all pre-approved veterinary bills for the dog.

What if the foster dog doesn't work out in our family?

We will take back your foster at your request.

What if I foster a dog and love it so much I can't part with it?

BROOD understands we sometimes fall in love with the dogs we foster. There is even a name for it: "Foster Failure." BROOD's policy on fosters adopting their foster dog was developed with both the foster and the adopter in mind. We want to be fair to both of you. Remember, there is a list of approved adopters who have been waiting for that right hound to come along for them to adopt and fulfill their dreams of owning a basset. When you adopt your foster dog, you have essentially leap-frogged ahead of all those who have been patiently waiting (some for a long time) to adopt. If you feel you are going to be a Foster Failure, you must contact the Foster Care Director and Adoptions Director IMMEDIATELY and declare your desire to adopt your foster dog. Provided you have had the dog for at least two weeks AND no other approved adopter has set an appointment to visit your foster, you will be approved to adopt.

How long will I keep a foster basset?

This greatly depends on the "marketability" of the hound. Young dogs may get adopted quickly, within a couple of weeks. Older dogs and those with medical or behavior problems take longer. We like to keep a hound for at least ten days in order to evaluate its behavior. In the case of a dog whose history is known the turnover time may be shorter.

I can't foster right now, but I'd like to help. What can I do?

Monetary contributions are welcome! Donate now or consider becoming a virtual foster for one of our kenneled dogs. You can also volunteer to pick up dogs or transport them or help with other rescue activities.

Go ahead! Apply to become a foster home or contact us now!