BROOD Shelter Referral Form Procedures

BROOD accepts basset hounds for rescue from animal shelters and other private rescue organizations in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware and portions of southwestern Pennsylvania. BROOD is a breed-specific rescue and concentrates its efforts on rescuing adoptable basset hounds in danger of euthanasia. We do accept basset hound mixes into our program, at the sole discretion of the BROOD Intake Committee.

Dogs must be directly referred by an animal shelter, veterinarian or third party rescue organization and must be in danger of being euthanized. Dogs not immediately subject to euthanization will be monitored and will not be pulled from the shelter until euthanization is imminent. BROOD does not accept dogs found as a strays. Stray dogs should be taken to your local animal shelter or humane society.

Animal shelters and rescue organizations need to follow the following procedures when referring a basset hound to BROOD.

  • A BROOD representative may contact the shelter for additional information. Once the Intake Committee makes a decision, the shelter will be contacted with our decision. If the dog is accepted for rescue by BROOD, arrangements will be made with the shelter for transportation of the dog to BROOD. We will attempt to transport the dog from the shelter as quickly as possible, but at times the shelter may need to hold the dog for a few days until transportation can be arranged.

Please be sure to review BROOD's Dog Identification and Intake Procedures. All intake decisions are solely made by the BROOD Intake Committee.