BROOD 2021 Ramble Sponsorships

Individual and business sponsors made the 2021 Ramble a success.  The generosity and support of our sponsors and supporters enable us to rescue hounds. 

Thank you to the 91 sponsors who generously donated $36, 135 in Ramble sponsorships.  We greatly appreciate your generosity and support of BROOD’s rescue work.


Harvest ($1,500 and up)

Heather Pigman

Diane Fink and Richard Greene

Smith and Associates Insurance Agency

Mr. Speckles

Karen and Graham

Jill and Charlie Cosgrove

Janie and David Heppel

Lisa and Bill Wallace and Gus Lodato

Pumpkin ($1,000 and up)

Saranade Bassets–Melinda Brown

Scarecrow ($500 and up)

Chris and Bruce Williams

Tom and Debbie Roberts

Jeff and Kathy Wright

Anne Hennessey-Antoniazzi–In Memory of Ginger

Tracey Anderson

Joy and Wayne Parr

Alison Field

Pat and Dean Burkey In Memory of Duddley

Scott York and Yalda Clegg In Loving Memory of Buddy

Ed Connolly

Brood Rescue Harry DavenCola 

Steven and Carol Winter in Memory of Clue

Stephanie Harm


Corn Maze ($250 and up)

Radley Acura

LeeAnn Williams

Home Savings and Trust Mortgage

Animal Dental Clinic 

Marty Post In Honor of Barnyard Sally’s Fred & Riley the Long Haired Basset

John Van Weeren

Mandy Clark

Bob and Barbara Boehme

Lisa Gregory

Melinda Levitt on behalf of Honoria and Winchester

Lisa and Stuart Blom

Patrick and Lori Waltos

MaryBeth Alosa and New England Kenworth in Memory of KitKat 

Barb Baumann and Mike Conrad in Memory of Howard

Commonwealth Veterinary Clinic


Acorn ($100 and up)

Elizabeth Ford

Denise Lambert

Jo-Ann Schaudies

Potomac Basset Hound Club

David Posner

Tracy Yee Dano

Jeanine McElveen

Tom and Helen Lydon

Ray and Cindy Pink–In Memory of Tinkerbell

Andria Corso and Matt McKean

Kimberly, Andrew, Duke and Suzie Duke

Trudi Weller

Rhett and Lionel

Jeanine and Mark Botkin

Pat Voltmer and Gustaf von Basset

Tyler and Charlee Bezilla

Joey The Bassador and Family

Amy Blum

Nancy Mattox

Barb Lingham

Amy Kaplan

Diane Morgan and John Warner

Mark and Marcia Brusburg

Peggy and Dennis Bartow

Mary K Shaughnessy

Ed and Nancy Curtis In Memory of Jack

Susan Gardner

Matthew and Sandra Jones

Lynn and Steve Gillette

Lisa Dovell

Brian Caskie

Gus, Jake, Molly and Otis Williams

The Blanchard Family

Hayfield Animal Hospital

Kathy Turner

Virginia Veterinary Specialists

Joanne Rogers and Stephen Haire

Joanne and Adolfo Abalos

Jenn and Nick Brown

Jeff and Tina Bruland

Buzz Mrs. Bee Reading Tutor

Justin Daniel

Lori Achman

Kerry and Steve Caito

Bill and Julie Piper

Rodica Stoicoui and Mike Ambrose

Barbara Fleming

Chris DePierro and Mike Natoli

Georgia Conroy

Pam Watkins

Martha Conner

Nancy and Lee Mack in Memory of our beloved Annie Mack

James Hughes

Karen Baber


Hound Hero Monthly Supporters 

Tracey Anderson

Jessica Carter

William and Katherine Kraft

Elizabeth Ford

Carol Garrett

Jill Holbrook and Matthew Cheetham

Barbara Karn

Dawne Keen

Jeanine and Bill Leger

Annette Melhorn

Karen Raborg

Michael Ryan

Laura Salmon

Kathy and Dave Smith

Vicky and Gary Tyranski

Karen Walker

Katherine Weiss

Christine Williams

LeeAnn Williams