BROOD 2021 Ramble Sponsorships

Individual and business sponsors are needed to make the 2021 Ramble a success.  The generosity and support of our sponsors and supporters last year enabled us to rescue over 70 hounds.  Please join us in celebrating 25 years of rescue work and over 3,300 hounds saved by becoming a Ramble sponsor!

Sponsorships start at $100 and each sponsor receives a thank-you and 25th Anniversary gifts.

More information is in our Sponsorship Packet


Harvest ($1,500 and up)

Heather Pigman

Diane Fink and Richard Greene

Pumpkin ($1,000 and up)

Saranade Bassets–Melinda Brown

Scarecrow ($500 and up)

Chris and Bruce Williams

Tom and Debbie Roberts

Jeff and Kathy Wright

Anne Hennessey-Antoniazzi–In Memory of Ginger

Tracey Anderson

Corn Maze ($250 and up)

Radley Acura

LeeAnn Williams

Home Savings and Trust Mortgage

Animal Dental Clinic 

Marty Post

John Van Weeren

Acorn ($100 and up)

Elizabeth Ford

Denise Lambert

Jo-Ann Schaudies

Potomac Basset Hound Club

David Posner

Tracy Yee Dano

Jeanine McElveen

Tom and Helen Lydon

Ray and Cindy Pink–In Memory of Tinkerbell

Andria Corso and Matt McKean

Kimberly, Andrew, Duke and Suzie Duke


Email your Sponsorship Form to us at  We offer three options for making your payment: Check, Credit Card and PayPal.

Pay for Sponsorship by Check. To make your sponsorship donation, make a check made out to “BROOD” and send it to:

3445 Seminole Trail Box 248
Charlottesville, VA 22911

Please be sure to indicate on the check if it is for a Ramble Sponsorship.


Pay for Sponsorship by Credit Card You can pay with your credit card — Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Enter amount of donation based on levels described above.

and then click the Ramble Sponsorship button.

Pay using PayPal  You can pay online by PayPal. To do this, click the PayPal Buy Now button below and follow the directions on the PayPal form.