BROOD Ramble Sponsorships

Harvest ($1500 and up)

  • Pat and Dean Burkey
  • Jill and Charlie Cosgrove
  • Alison Field
  • Diane Fink and Richard Greene
  • Karen and Graham
  • Jane and David Heppel
  • Heather Pigman
  • Smith and Associates Insurance Agency
  • Mr. Speckles

Pumpkin ($1000 and up)

  • Truman
  • Lisa and Bill Wallace and Gus Lodato

Scarecrow ($500 and up)

  • Melinda and Dick Brown
  • Lord Byron
  • Susan Davenport
  • Mary and Preston Fox
  • Matt and Sarah Granson
  • Ginger Hennessey-Antoniazzi
  • Tom and Deb Roberts
  • State Farm Insurance Matching Gifts
  • Chris and Bruce Williams
  • Jeff and Kathy Wright

Corn Maze ($250 and up)

Acorn ($100 and up)

  • Lori Achman
  • Augusta Valley Animal Hospital
  • Karen Baber
  • Peggy and Dennis Bartow
  • Patricia Bennett
  • Chandler Biddle and Family
  • Jeanine and Mark Botkin
  • Jenn and Nick Brown
  • Pam Butler in Memory of Molly and Mason
  • Randall and Wendy Chapman
  • Harry Chipman
  • Crofton Veterinary Center
  • Ed and Nancy Curtis in Memory of Jack
  • Chris DePierro and Mike Natoli
  • Lisa Dovell
  • Lynn Gillette
  • Hayfield Animal Hospital
  • Gracie Mae, Beryl and Bill Himmelsbach
  • Jillian Holbrook and Matthew Cheetham
  • Laura, Matt and Lunchbox Jarrell
  • Joey the Bassador and Family
  • Matthew and Sandra Jones
  • Marshall Veterinary Clinic
  • Nancy Mattox
  • In Memory of Charlie Meyer
  • Diane Morgan and John Warner
  • Norine Noonan
  • Ray and Cindy Pink
  • David Posner
  • Potomac Basset Hound Club
  • Peter and Jodyes Roebuck
  • Laura and Dick Salmon
  • Joanne Schaudies
  • Jamie Schlessman and Neill Reid
  • Kathy Turner and Fred Nye
  • Virginia Portrait
  • Virginia Veterinary Specialists
  • Patrick and Lori Waltos
  • Williams-Srader Hounds
  • Trudi Weller
  • Tracy Yee

Hound Heroes (Monthly Donors)

  • Andria Corso
  • April Chang
  • William Craft
  • Florence Fixx
  • Karen Gostomski
  • Barbara Karn
  • Jeannine Leger
  • Jessica Payne
  • Michael J. Ryan
  • Mare Scott
  • Katherine Weiss

Interested in showcasing your business at the Ramble? As an added benefit, corporate sponsors at the $250 level and above will receive free exhibit space at the Ramble event to sell items or publicize your business. Vendors who are not sponsors can rent a table at the Ramble for a $50 fee.

Have you already submitted your Sponsorship Form and want to pay online? To make it as easy as possible, we offer three options for making your payment: Check, Credit Card and PayPal.

Pay for Sponsorship by Check. To make your sponsorship donation or vendor table rental payment, you may do so by writing us a check, made out to "BROOD" and send it to:

3445 Seminole Trail, Box 248
Charlottesville, VA 22911

Please be sure to indicate on the check if it is for a Ramble Sponsorship or Vendor Table Rental.

Pay for Sponsorship by Credit Card. We now offer the opportunity to pay directly with your credit card -- Visa, MasterCard and Discover -- without going through PayPal. Use the top link for Ramble Sponsorships (Host, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Contender) and the second link for Vendor Tables only.


Ramble Individual or Business Sponsorships (levels described above)

Enter amount of donation:

and then click the Ramble Sponsorship button.


Ramble Vendor Table Only ($50)

To pay for a Vendor Table, click the Vendor Table button.


Pay using PayPal. Alternatively, you may pay online by PayPal. To do this, click the PayPal Buy Now button below and follow the directions. If you do not currently have a PayPal account, you will be asked to set one up.


If you have any questions, please contact BROOD's President.

BROOD is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization by the IRS. All contributions are tax exempt to the full extent of the law.